Secular Miracle Proposed for the Origin of Life

Secularists ridicule Christians and creationists for rejecting naturalism and believing in the Creator God of the Bible, then they believe in all sorts of fake miracles of their own design. This is increasingly common in origin of life scenarios.

Since atheistic evolutionists cannot scientifically account for the origin of life, sometimes it is necessary to make up a new fake miracle instead.
Mostly made at Glass Giant, which no longer appears to be functioning
Science, logic, the orderly universe, and more only make sense in the biblical worldview — beginning with Genesis 1:1. Materialists cannot account for these things. Ironically, many times knowledgeable creationists have to correct feckless mockers on their own mythology; they "know" we're wrong, but cannot provide cogent arguments for their positions.

Some anti-creationists claim that the origin of life has nothing to do with evolution, which is gelastic even on the surface. (Apparently textbook writers, evolutionists like David Attenborough, and others need to be informed that abiogenesis — chemical evolution — is irrelevant to the Bearded Buddha's ways.) To claim that the origin of life has nothing to do with evolution is like saying that an internet connection has nothing to do the web. You can't go on the web if you cannot connect. Life cannot evolve if it didn't originate. In reality, the origin of life is bad medicine to secularists because they know it's impossible by their machinations. So, it's time for a miracle without God.
If a chance explosion created the universe out of nothing, maybe another ‘big bang’ created life, too.
A “radical new theory” for the origin of life, as presented by Michael Marshall at New Scientist, “rewrites the story of how life on Earth began.” It is so radical that it is nearly identical to a joke used by creationist speakers mocking evolution. One such speaker, showing the folly of evolution, would quip that a fully-assembled car was not designed; it just “oozed up out of the pavement.” He got a good laugh from the audience. Now, try to read what Marshall says without laughing – if you can:
Be sure to have a padded surface ready when your jaw drops while reading the rest of "Origin-of-Life Research Abandons Chemistry, Turns to Miracles". These owlhoots need to repent and seek the source of true miracles — including salvation and new life.