Adam, the Genesis Flood, and Ancient Egypt

Although scoffers will reject history from and about the Bible out of hand, there are some intriguing things for inquiring minds as to whether or not ancient cultures knew about creation, Adam, and the Genesis Flood.

Those of us who know and believe the Bible are aware of the dispersion at Babel, but biblical creationists have worked mighty hard to put together details involving people, places, and languages. These include names and large-scale identifiers that can be found even in Egypt.

Egyptian hieroglyphs, Pixabay / Michael Baragwanath

People after the Flood still tended to have long lives, so they remembered firsthand accounts of the Flood or even read the written account (before Moses edited it into the book of Genesis). Names of Ham's sons are attached to Egypt, as they were involved in settling that area. Yes, ancient Egypt knew of Adam and the Flood, but their degraded versions of the truth need expert help for extraction.

While living in Cairo, I became enamoured with Egyptian history. I visited the Great Pyramid (outside and in) on a dozen occasions, as well as other historical sites. Their scale and grandeur were awe-inspiring. What intrigued me most was to discover if Egyptian history had any connections to the earliest chapters of Genesis. For instance, did the Ancient Egyptians know about Adam and Eve, or Noah and the Flood?

After over a decade of research, including two master’s degrees (Biblical Studies 2014, Egyptology 2015) I concluded, yes, the Egyptians knew, albeit in distorted, paganized ways.

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