Antarctic, Greenland Ice Sheets and the Genesis Flood

While I get along most of the time with Rusty Swingset, Cliff Swallows, and their workers at the Darwin Ranch, their vexatious antics get tiresome. It seems that atheists and other evolutionists get overwrought about biblical creation science, so they refuse to consider our answers to what they are attacking.

In this case, the ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland. There are several and all are given huge ages in Darwin years. That is considered proof that the biblical timescale is wrong and should be discarded. Not hardly!

Old Earthers believe that ice cores in ice sheets such as this one in Greenland prove the biblical timescale wrong. The creation science view using the Flood has a good explanation.
Greenland ice sheet, Flickr / Bernt Rostad (CC BY 2.0)
The main problem with deep time is that facts are first filtered through...wait for it...the narrative. Secularists take interpretation-laden "facts" and use them to support their views. Scientific material that does not support the narrative is ignored, waved away, or adjusted so it fits. Meanwhile, biblical creationists do have an explanation for the Ice Age, ice sheets, and other cool stuff using evidence regarding the global Genesis Flood.
The history of the earth’s beginnings in Genesis 1–11, which includes Noah’s Flood, is challenged on many fronts. Creationists have answered many of these challenges using the latest scientific data and staying faithful to the scriptural account. Secular scientists claim creation scientists have no explanation for the origin of the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets (figures 1 and 2). This article reveals we do have answers.

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Here we will show that the post-Flood Ice Age model not only explains the rapid formation of the ice sheets, but also the different features of the Arctic and Antarctic sheets. There are three specific parameters at work, namely the elevation of the bedrock at the beginning of the Ice Age, the beginning time of ice accumulation after the Flood, and the rate of snowfall and ice accumulation.

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