Bird Feet and Dinosaur Evolution?

If you have a close relationship with a bird, maybe even have it perch on your finger, notice that the feet have scales. The hands at the Darwin Ranch, up yonder near Deception Pass, are joining in with other evolutionists to claim that this is evidence that dinosaurs evolved into birds.

Unfortunately, too may people are unwilling or unable to use critical thinking. They go along with what "scientists say," and accept evolutionary indoctrination. A search of this site and others by biblical creationists show numerous reasons why dino-to-bird evolution is ridiculous despite recent media portrayals.

Some evolutionists claim that since birds have scales on their feet, they evolved from dinosaurs. There are many reasons this is ridiculous.
Rooster feet, RGBStock / Kevin Tuck
Birds' feet have scales (even on ducks), dinosaurs had scales, therefore, evolution. No, that is absurd, using the fallacies of affirming the consequent as well as insufficient evidence. (Some mammals have scales, but nobody seems to be claiming that they evolved from dinosaurs.) To use expensive words, the integumentary system involves covering, and includes skin, hair, feathers, and other things to protect humans and critters from external things. It's complicated, and includes scales. It is a part of how our Creator designed living things to survive.

In a generation, everything we thought we knew about dinosaurs has been turned on its head. Again. From the covers of National Geographic magazines to the exhibits in natural history museums to kids’ cartoons, we are inundated with images of feathered dinosaurs and reptilian birds. While the propaganda is abundant, the evidence is sparse . . . and quite controversial. I believe a quote from Dr. David Unwin would fit this situation well: “Exceptional claims require exceptional evidence—we have the former, but not the latter.”

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