More Tracks Down Paluxy Way

Those dinosaur footprints way down around the Paluxy River, at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas (where people can not only see but also put their own feet in them) are back in the news. Secular scientists have been talking about them for a long time, as have biblical creationists (see "The Paluxy River Mystery" from 1986 for one instance). The 2022 drought has brought more of them to light, and they are reminders that the debate is not settled.

More of the dinosaur tracks near Glen Rose, Texas, are being revealed by the 2022 drought. Genesis Flood models of creation science can explain them.
Dinosaur track at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, TX, Flickr / mcdlttx (CC BY 2.0)
These tracks are mysteries wrapped in flour enigma shells and lovingly smothered with riddle sauce. How do footprints form in the first place? Why are the Paluxy tracks only of dinosaurs and no other animals? Fossil bonebeds, with their jumbles of critters from disparate environments, should seriously disrupt evolutionary ideas by themselves. Paluxy only has dinosaur tracks.

Secularists can tell stories all they want, but it is indeed unfortunate for them and for science itself that they have blocked biblical creation scientists from the discussions. (Of course, the Genesis Flood is a burr under their collective saddles because it reminds them that God exists, that he judged the world by water, and there is another final Judgment coming.) Creation science Flood models can explain what is observed in many situations — including these here tracks.

Unfortunately, many creationists shy away from considering human footprints along with dinosaur footprints there, but that is covered in the video embedded below.

Droughts across north Texas dried the Paluxy River bed, famous for its dinosaur footprints. Ordinarily, the dinosaur tracks lie buried beneath water-covered mud, but dry conditions enabled workers to remove the mire that had long covered them at Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glen Rose. Reports of the newly exposed tracks revive the thrill of discovery as well as mysteries about these tracks.

To read the rest, spend about five minutes at "Fresh Dinosaur Tracks Revive Rankling Mysteries."