Using Process Control to see Effects of Evolutionary Thought

It is a fact that the youth of today have an increasing amount of depression, hopelessness, mental illnesses and more. This can be directly linked to the negativity influencing their lives. As I write this, Americans are getting excited about Halloween. Have you given that any thought?

There is a glorification of the occult, death, fear, horror, and Satan. In the store today, I saw many violent toys, costumes, and trick-or-treat accessories such as bloody knives. This is fun? I believe it adds to the bigger problem, and kids face violence in the real world.

Youth are extremely susceptible to evolutionary propaganda. Using methods of process control, it is shown that mental illness is linked to this.
Young Girl Thinking, Jules Breton, ca. 1860s (?)
The mind can be likened to a garden, so we have to be careful to plant good things. Imagine if listeners to rap or heavy metal left it alone for thirty days (or even one week) and cultivated other musical interests, even if it was the same style without lyrics. See how their outlooks on life and their mental states improve. The same goes for movies, television, reading material, and other things. Use discernment on what you put in your mind.

People are bombarded with Darwin's Death Cult propaganda, insisting death gave rise to living things over millions of years. Kids today are constantly subjected to evolutionary teaching. No, it is not "just" the teaching of science, as if it were incidental and tomorrow the subject is plants. Not hardly! It is vitally important for secularists to have people believe in evolution, and they are increasing their propaganda push even more. Why? Clearly, Darwin is not necessary to do real science — despite the claims of proselytizers.

Evolution is part of a materialistic worldview that essentially says, "You are here by accident, an insignificant speck on a meaningless planet in a big universe. Life is by time, chance, luck, random processes, and mutations. Morality is subjective, there is no ultimate justice for evildoers or rewards for the righteous, and when you die, you're worm food." No wonder suicide rates among youth is up! (Atheists also have a higher suicide rate.) The biblical worldview is not only the truth, it is the opposite of evolutionary thinking. God the Creator loves us. Individually. There is hope, life, and also ultimate justice.

It is interesting that what is happening to the youth of today can be examined by a principle in engineering called process control. In some ways, it is not difficult and can be used in other areas after gathering pertinent facts.

Nothing breaks my heart more than to see young people devalue themselves and others to the point of suicide and school shootings. My heart breaks over the lies these young people are taught in our schools and in our society, particularly the lie of evolution. Evolutionists teach them that there is no God, that they are the result of chance processes over millions of years, and that they share a common ancestor with apes; among other aspects of this belief system. These devastating lies poison the hearts and minds of impressionable youth and leave them with no hope now or for the future.

It is not hard for our culture, in particular our youth, to put two and two together concerning these teachings and come to believe that what occurs here on earth really has no significance and that they go into oblivion when they die. Is it any wonder that when their lives go awry, they choose death over life?

. . . 

Let’s use the engineering practice called “process control,” which ultimately comes to us and is patterned from the logical God of the universe, to help understand the impact of evolution and millions of years on the minds of our youth in today’s culture.

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