Evosplaining Links Between Land Plants and Algae

Once again, the narrative is more important than empirical science. We learn that some of Darwin's disciples evosplain (and make a false assertion) that they have observed the evolution of single-celled algae into multicellular organisms. That is the opposite of the truth.

Like everything else, organisms split from their ancestors early on. The differences between land plants and Zygnematophyceae (a class of green algae) are extensive, and land plants have cells and tissues. There is inference instead actual evidence for their common ancestor.

Researchers claim to have seen multicellular evolution happening involving the supposed common ancestor of algae (such as spirogyra) and land plants. That is not true.
Spirogyra green algae, Wikimedia Commons / Bogdan (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Sure, they can build a plan of likely evolution, but again, these researcher are presuming evolution in the first place. (Indeed, we saw similar self-serving logic just recently involving fish hearts and our hearts.) There are also assumptions made about "selection pressure" (that occur over millions of Darwin years and cause things to evolve). It is taken by faith, a priori, without evidence. That's why they come up with some outrageous claims. These owlhoots need to recognize that the Creator made various things for certain ecological niches, not to change into something else entirely.
Evolutionists recently reported observations about a plant group called the Zygnematophyceae (a class of green algae). They claimed to know more about its evolutionary history. This class of algae has been suggested as the closest evolutionary ancestor of land plants via “algal multicellularity.” Gabriele Meseg-Rutzen of the University of Cologne told PhysOrg,

To see what Gabby gabbed, click on "Do Land Plants Have Algal Relatives?" Also included for your amazement is an article on evolutionists contradicting themselves. If an alga does not evolve for 541 million Darwin years and is the same as the modern version, that is considered evolution! See that one at "Evolutionists Call Example of Extreme Stasis 'Evolution'".