Large-Scale Ancient Structures Made by Early Humans

When searching for kite, there are things people put up into the sky and hold onto with strings, or certain birds of prey. In this case, structures in the desert that aircraft pilots said resembled those string-held kites.

Darwinists hold to the dogma that humans were stupid after they finished evolving from an apelike critter, so the timeline involves being hunter-gatherers, hanging around in caves, and doing very little for a few thousand years. As we have seen, evidence consistently shows that they were very intelligent. One of many examples involves those kite-like structures.

Safawi Kite 101, Flickr / Aerial Photographic Archive for Archaeology in the Middle East (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Such kites have been known for a spell, and serious research has been undertaken with remote sensing. Hundreds of these star-shaped kites have been discovered. (I am using the word star loosely, as the things had numerous points.) They were intelligently designed and took many people working together following plans. Obviously, they used a great deal of resources, too.

The land back then was much nicer, including areas of the Sahara that made for good swimming! Radiocarbon dating is notoriously unreliable, and human intelligence fits in nicely with the biblical timeline. That's because humans were created in God's image, not evolved, and able to put their minds to good use. The star-shaped kites are one of many examples of human ingenuity that fly in the face of evolutionary thinking.
Evolutionists keep changing their Darwinian stories of man’s rise from apes, even hiding evidence and lying about it (see Evolution News 9 Sept 2022), but wherever humans go, they display their uniqueness. Beavers may transform a landscape but nothing like this. Humans make things—big things. Some monumental structures found in the Fertile Crescent illustrate the uniqueness of humans, endowed with hands, big brains and the power of foresight. The evidence also showcases natural climate change and the sudden appearance of civilization not that long ago.

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