Parasites and the Very Good Creation

Another fair question that is asked by both unbelievers and Christians is how, if creation was very good (Gen. 1:31), did parasites come into being? Most of the time, those things are harmful and give nothing back to their hosts.

Misotheists do not worry overmuch about hearing explanations from a creationist perspective, since they are locked into naturalistic beliefs and "know" we are wrong. They also seek to justify their rebellion against God, and one way is to use parasites to judge God.

Creation was very good, but harmful parasites exist now such as the large roundworm. A fair question, but atheists use it to judge God. Creationists have an answer for this.
Large roundworms, WikiComm / Alaa (CC BY-SA 3.0)
A huge number of people have large roundworms living inside them and many do not even realize it. People (children are most at risk) in unsanitary conditions with fecal matter are most likely to be infected. But how and why do these and other parasites exist, unlike organisms that have give-and-take (symbiotic) relationships? Yes, they were created. The answer lies in the Fall of man.
This revolting nematode lives in human intestines and can grow up to a foot long and almost one-quarter inch in diameter. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than one billion people worldwide are infected with this worm. The scariest fact is you could have one in your small intestine for a long time before you even noticed.

Other roundworms can cause anemia, blindness, or a gross enlargement of the limbs called elephantiasis. Most pet owners treat their animals for a roundworm called heartworm that is spread by a mosquito and can kill dogs. And nematodes infect all sorts of other animals and plants. How did these disgusting parasites become part of God’s “very good” creation?

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