Reports of Something from Nothing are Fake News

People may rightly recollect seeing discussions on this here weblog about atheists claiming that everything came from nothing, then becoming furious when this fact is mentioned. They even deny it, even when given evidence that high-profile misotheists believe it.

Quantum physics is a valid and rather mysterious science, and can even have temporary violations of the Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy. This law does not apply to God, because the Creator is above creation, upholds all things, and not confined to it. The Big Bang, however, is a naturalistic violation of laws of physics.

Though some atheists deny it, they believe everything came from nothing. An experiment involving graphene was conducted, and the press falsely claimed something came from nothing.
Graphene, Flickr / U.S. Army Materiel Command (CC BY 2.0) (Usage does not imply endorsement)
Virtual subatomic particles pairs, matter and antimatter, can pop into existence for a fraction of a second before canceling each other out. Julian Schwinger proposed a theoretical way that they could last longer. An experiment to validate the Schwinger effect was conducted using graphene. An article lied outright, saying that something came from absolutely nothing. Even if it were true, extrapolating that to the Big Bang and the evolution of entire universe is...truly bizarre. You can read all about it, plus a section at the end for people who want the very technical material, by visiting "Was something created from nothing?"