Your Inner Fish — and Heart Problems

This post is about hearts. Mine is broken. Yesterday, my wife died from complications after surgery. She is now with Jesus and others who have gone on before. That takes some of the edge off my immense sorrow. Please pray for me and all I have to deal with in the next few weeks.

Long before she was stricken, I wrote this post. Interestingly, I learned that she was greatly distressed over my time away for heart surgery. Now it is the opposite. She expected me to return home, now I will meet her in our eternal home...

One of the most outrageous comments I ever saw from an atheist was regarding how a biblical creationist should not be allowed in the space program. The reason? A Christian's beliefs may cause him to do stupid things and jeopardize lives of astronauts or wreck space probes and such. Obviously, he did not know what creationists actually believe, so he filled up on bigotry and prejudicial conjecture — without evidence. What if we applied the same reasoning to fish-to-fool evolution and medical science — with evidence?

Heart image via, Darwin fish image common on the web
The evidence we have is the track record of evolutionists introducing harmful procedures into medical science. Look at vestigial organs/structures. Arguing from silence, ignorance, and especially from evolutionary assumptions, they did not know the functions of things like tonsils, the appendix, and others. Therefore, they could be removed. Rubbish! Removing them harmed many people. If secularists had not been in rebellion against the Creator, people should have realized that he designed those structures with their own purposes — which are now known.

When I was recently hospitalized for my triple heart bypass, I noticed that the Bearded Buddha was not referenced or consulted within my hearing. Bad science, no evidence, Just-So Stories, and presuppositions appear in fake science from Japan. They give us the idea that heart problems stem from evolution. We evolved from fish, they say, and heart development paid the price. Hopefully, this insanity will be shelved and forgotten. 
Breaking news from the University of Tokyo: the Darwin Fish gave us heart attacks. Our coronary arteries, they say, evolved when fish crawled onto land. The demands of landlubbers forced the narrow arteries to wrap around a thicker ventricle, putting higher blood pressure on the circulatory system and increasing the risk of catastrophic failure.

That’s the new Japanese just-so story about the evolution of the Darwin Fish: it “gave rise to” heart attacks.

They wouldn’t put it that way, but see if this synopsis fits what they say in their press release and paper. As usual for Darwin storytelling, their proposal requires copious amounts of speculation.

You would do well to read the rest at "Darwin Fish Is to Blame for Heart Attacks."