A Creationist Apology

In a recent post, articles were linked about how whale fossils sent to museums were faked. Naturally, some atheopaths were in full denial mode and making ridiculous accusations even though the evidence was right in front of them. They preferred to attack the people presenting the information, just going haywire when their paradigm is threatened with reality. There is no reasoning with some people.

Eric Hovind ministers after flood
Flood Waters — Monet, 1896

In a similar fashion, Eric Hovind of Creation Today was helping people in the aftermath of flooding in Pensacola, Florida. He posted a video and wrote an article about it, and did the unthinkable for angry atheists: discussed the Genesis Flood. Eric witnessed (and ministered in) the aftereffects of a local flood and tried to tell people that a lot of water in a little time would have worldwide effects. Worse than that, though, is the reminder of God's judgment in the past, and that there is a coming judgment.

He was misrepresented (atheists do that a lot). One is misnamed "The Friendly Atheist". Like so many others, he is locked into his presuppositions of evolution, deep time, materialism and so forth. Lots of logical fallacies, including the Appeal to Motive, are easy to spot. The attacks from the (Un)Friendly Atheist and from others reflected their presuppositions and the incoherence of atheism. Anyway, Eric Hovind issued an apology.
Last week, Pensacola experienced more than 26” of rain overnight. During and after the storm I captured video footage of the damage that was taking place. I even interviewed many people who were directly affected by the flooding and posted a quick video online to show some of the destruction. The video made a simple point: Lots of water can cause lots of erosion. The video has received more than 12,000 views in the four days that it has been on Youtube and thousands more through our media player for CreationToday.org.

. . .
I received the below email from the “Friendly Atheist” over the weekend concerning my video. Because the “Friendly Atheist” posted his email to me on a public blog, this will be my public reply to his letter. Enjoy.
Click here to read the rest of "Eric's Apology". Below is a video showing what water can do in a fast amount of time. Don't mess around with moving water, people, stay safe!