No Rest for Origin of Life Speculations

Proponents of evolution have a great deal of cognitive dissonance and inconsistencies with which to contend. The primary cause is presuppositions based on belief in the "truth" of evolution and billions of years. Not only does actual observed evidence support creation instead of evolution, but they cannot decide what to do about chemical evolution (abiogenesis, the origin of life). Some falsely assert that evolution has nothing to do with the origin of life, others try to push the problem out into space, and still others will try to bring back the zombie of the discredited Miller-Urey experiment as well as presenting products of their fantasies as actual science. Some people go to great lengths to avoid admitting the truth of the Creator. They should really let the abiogenesis foolishness rest in peace.

The featured article today is from Creation-Evolution Headlines, and begins, "There is no coherent origin of life scenario among evolutionists, just a collection of odd possibilities – some bordering on the absurd." You can read the rest of the wild flights of fancy at "Origin of Life Studies Show Signs of Desperation".