Evolution, Psychology and Shots in the Dark

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Here is something ironic. Astrology has the trappings of science, and astrologers contend that it is science, but it is rejected by scientists. On the other hand, psychology does not have much that is consistent to really define it as science (repeatable, testable, observable, predictability, specificity and so on), yet it is considered a science. Darwinism lacks many of the same elements that define a science. If rejection of accountability to God was in the direct criteria to define science, astrology would probably be accepted as a science as well. Like astrology, psychology has a great deal of uncertain predictions that can be plugged into a wide range of possibilities to claim successful results.

Modern psychology is generally considered to have had its genesis with Sigmund Freud (a.k.a. Frood-dude). Freud, Jung and others were influenced by Darwinian ideas, and most psychologies are humanistic in their procedures. For the most part, there are several major schools of psychology (among many). Why? Because none of them are completely effective. They have left God out of the equation; you have no soul. Like other secularist beliefs, especially those that have evolutionary thought as foundations, you are a meat machine and a slave to your brain chemistry. (Ironically, atheists, "Humanists", evolutionists and other secularists believe this by default, yet call themselves "freethinkers.") Using materialistic, pragmatic and utilitarian standards, psychologists attempt to use scientific methods to help people. But they cannot effectively treat people.

Sigmund Freud's psychotherapy became irrelevant, and today we have psychology that is based on throwing medications at people rather than helping them. They shoot in the dark with medications that seem to alleviate some symptoms, but they really do not fully understand how they work. Often, the medications are harmful. Watch some of the commercials for medications, especially the brain chemistry meds. They seem to say, "This may help you feel better, but you may commit suicide, have a stroke, heart attack, allergic reaction, have other symptoms, need to go off the medication again..."

Those commercials and their disclaimers remind me of this one:

I used to be on antidepressants, but felt that they did little good and have been off them for several years. It is odd that I get an antidepressant side-effect from fish oil capsules (that I take for heart health) and from Vitamin D. At one point, the head shrink was wanting to keep doing some mix-n-match and give a "cocktail" (yes, they really use that word) of a combination of medications. I don't go to therapists any longer.

Many psychologists and psychiatrists care about helping people, but they are limited by their evolutionary paradigm and really do not understand how the brain works. By leaving sin, accountability to God, repentance and the spiritual nature of man out of the treatment scheme, they will continue to fail to have fully effective results. With the uncertainties and denial of God, psychology has more in common with astrology than many people think — like evolution.

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