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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pterodactyl Ptroubles Ptimeline Ptales

Evolution is conjecture about the past using some scientific applications in an attempt to justify presuppositions. Secular scientists start with an a priori commitment to their evolutionary worldview. In areas of real science, a theory or hypothesis is modified or rejected in the face of compelling contrary evidence. With evolutionism, however, facts are modified to fit the so-called theory.

This is clearly illustrated in the case of a fossil pterodactyloid that was discovered in China. Paleontologists wanted to plug it into a place in their timeline and say it was a "progenitor" of older creatures. However, they also say it was probably capable of flight. So, they tell tales and force-fit the facts into their preconceptions. It makes far more sense to admit that they were created, and created far more recently than their existing paradigms will allow.
Fragments of a pterodactyloid fossil from China indicate it was fully capable of powered flight, despite being called a “progenitor” of the others.

If all airplanes evolved from a flying, powered airplane, where did the airplane come from? A similar question might be asked about Kryptodrakon progenitor, a new fossil pterodactyloid (the group including pterodactyls and pterosaurs) found in China. The newly discovered creature, claimed to be 5 million years older than all other known pterodactyloids, appears from the artist’s reconstruction to be fully fledged for flight, just like the later ones. How, then, can it be called a “progenitor”?
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