Faking the Fossil Whales

The Evo Sith tell creationists to go to a natural science museum, maybe we'll learn the truth about evolution. However, a great deal of "artistic license" occurs since so many fossils and skeletons are extremely incomplete. More than that, there is dishonesty in museums. But the problem is big. Very big.

Gray Whale / Wikimedia Commons / doryfour
Evolution is bolstered primarily by ideology and a faulty worldview, not by actual science. This is shown by the repeated instance of recalled papers, biased peer review and even fraud. Here, we have the big news that scientists who supply museums with alleged fossils admit that they are fake. Creationist do not have to resort to such tactics. Ironic, since they accuse us of being irrational, rejecting evidence and believing on blind faith.
Bob Enyart speaks with Dr. Carl Werner about the filmmaker's interviews with the scientists who supplied the primary whale evolution "fossils" to the world's leading museums. (Which museums? Smithsonian, Carnegie, American Museum of Natural History, NHM London, NMNS Tokyo, Melbourne Museum, Canadian Museum of Nature, NHM Paris). What millions of evolutionists believe regarding whale fossils is based on fabricated, and fully falsified, misinformation. Hear it, read the full press release, and see it for yourself below (rather than just swallowing the Darwinist misinformation like about rodhocetus from princeton.edu). Once again, Real Science Radio leaves National Public Radio's Ira Flatow and his Science Friday program in the dust on a blockbuster science scoop! :)
You can listen to the audio, read the full press release, see videos and more here. Edit: This article gives further information.