Tree Rings Just Don't Add Up

Some of Darwin's Cheerleaders think that they have a killing stroke against the biblical timeline by saying that counting tree rings reveals that some trees are older than the Genesis Flood. While this dendrochronology has some useful applications and can give general ideas, it is not a settled science.

Dendrochronology add tree rings does not work
Credit: morgueFile / beglib
The old adage of counting the rings to determine the age of the tree does not work as well as many people think. It is based on the assumption that a tree will yield one ring per year. However, trees can produce multiple rings in a year, skip a ring or produce indistinct rings. Other factors need to be considered.
Dating a tree sounds simple—just count the number of rings from the trunk’s outer edge to its center and you discover the number of years the tree was alive. Secular researchers have determined that a few rare trees have more rings than the number of years since Noah’s Flood. Debater Bill Nye recently used these tree studies to challenge the biblical timeline. Do they really disprove the Genesis chronology? Let’s do our homework and look at secularists’ technical reports about tree rings.
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