So-Called "Junk" DNA is Good for Your Heart

You may recall that evolutionary scientists studied selected parts of the genome, and the areas they did not understand were termed "junk" DNA that were useless leftovers from our evolutionary past. Those assumptions are being proved wrong. By not studying things that they ignored because they did not understand them (how scientific is that?), several branches of science were hindered.

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In this case, medical science related to heart health has been irregular. Portions of that stuff they wrote off are actually vital. Long non-coding RNAs are finally receiving studies, and some of them play a part in heart health. If scientists had a worldview that included the idea that God designed things for a purpose, this negligence may not have happened.
A new research study has shown that large regions of the human genome, once thought to be useless junk, work to keep your heart functioning properly. When these areas of the genome malfunction, cardiovascular failure is often outcome, showing the importance of every piece of God's handiwork.
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