Evolutionary Science Deniers and Dinosaur Soft Tissues

One of the most common problems that creationists have to deal with is how fundamentalist evolutionists rabidly defend their faith, but do not know the science that allegedly supports it. Some will resort to arguments from ignorance ("I've never heard of that, so it must not be correct"), others simply deny what has been said, and often call you a liar. Creationists do not need to apologize that many of us have a better handle on science trends (and the fallacious assertions with them) than the people who think we are uninformed. It would be helpful if evolutionists admitted that they lived by faith, not by sight.

On this episode of "Real Science Radio", Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss one of the most hated facts these days, that soft tissues have been found in dinosaur fossils ("fossil" used to describe full-on fossils as well as their remains; Ian Juby explains here, beginning at the 20 minute 13 seconds mark). Evolutionists have gone full denial. That's irrational.

They need to accept some facts despite their faulty worldview: The earth is not billions of years old, evolutionary explanations fail, recent creation with a global Flood best explains scientific evidence. Then they would be on the way to becoming both intellectually and spiritually satisfied.
* Soft Tissue Deniers / Science Deniers: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams list the soft tissue deniers, aka the science deniers, among leading evolutionists, media outlets, and anti-creation websites.

* RSR's List of Soft Tissue Deniers (and Doubters): This brief representative list documents the evolutionist science deniers and doubters for this specific topic. We'll occasionally update it and if any of these popular evolutionists sends a retraction or clarification to RSR, we'll note it here.

After two decades of extensive research and publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, soft tissue deniers seem to be the rule rather than the exception among atheists and evolutions. (Further, as of April 2014, the existence of dinosaur soft tissue, likely the greatest paleobiology discovery ever, remains virtually unknown to the general public as anyone can extrapolate by asking a few dozen people. RSR is working toward educating the public through radio shows, websites, and by presenting the information in easy-to-use formats.)

Soft tissue deniers (and such science doubters) include:
You can listen to the audio and read the supporting material at "RSR's Annual Soft Tissue Show: The Deniers".