Intelligently Designing Based on Evolution?

When scientists use biomimicry (or "biomimetics", studying nature for the purpose of imitation and application to technology and other purposes), they have the presuppositions of millions of years and evolution. This is self-contradictory; they want to intelligently design products based on what they believe happened through time, chance, random processes, mutations and so on. In addition, evolution and natural selection are given the status of intelligent entities, choosing and designing!

To further show self-contradiction, nature was designed by the Creator, but instead, they want to give credit to evolutionism's false pagan deities. Then they have serious flaws in the imitation processes!
Increasing numbers of innovative researchers borrow from biology when they examine and incorporate living systems into man-made designs. We know how man-made designs originate— people design them. But what about living designs? Two recent biomimicry research programs let slip major logic errors when accounting for the origin of the creatures they copy: the seahorse and kangaroo.
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