Real Science Radio and the Missing Transitional Fossils

Evolutionists dislike it when creationists bring up the fact that there are no true transitional forms in the fossil record. Part of the problem is that they understand "transitional" differently, with a vague definition similar to "a motorcycle is a transitional form between a bicycle and an automobile". We will point out that there are only a handful of candidates for true transitional fossils, where something is clearly on the way to becoming something else. There are no undisputed transitional forms, and evolutionists get angry when we quote paleontologists to that effect. We should see a huge numbers of fossils showing sequential progression (remember, there are billions of fossils in existence), but we see nothing of the kind.

Bob Enyart and Fred Williams of Real Science Radio discussed the lack of transitional forms on their "Missing Fossils" show, click here to go to the page so you can listen online or download the show.