The Corrosive Effects of Evolutionary Thinking

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In a previous post, I gave a detailed explanation of how militant atheism, evolution, paganism and Fascism have elements in common, and that atheo-fascists are aggressively pushing the pagan-based religion of evolutionism. After I posted that, I learned that Bob Enyart aired an interview with Dr. Jerry Bergman on Real Science Radio. This interview will be a good follow-up to the article linked above.

Evolutionary thinking has been at the root of many atrocities. It was also a major factor in the making of mass-murdering monsters. Dr. Bergman and Bob Enyart discuss how this thinking has been behind the dehumanizing of people, racism, eugenics, genocide and yes, pagan evolutionism of the Nazi worldview. Ideas have consequences.

You can listen live or download "Darwinism: The Universal Acid".