Big Bang Blahs

Evolutionary science (whether cosmic, biological or something else) has its share of attention seekers. But then, that's where the grant money lies — if you come up with the Next Big Thing and help convince people that evolution is true. So often, some sensational announcement is made in scientific fields (frequently distorted and exaggerated by the science press, of course) and people get all excited. Some Christians who base their faith on "science" and evidence are shaking in their boots as if some announcement will prove evolution, disprove the Bible or negate God's existence. When they send me inquiries, I remind them that our faith is based on the written Word of God, not the ever-changing whims of man-made science philosophies, and to just wait a while. As expected, the excitement fades and embarrassment for science sets in after further investigation. There is nothing in true science that is a threat to creation science or anything Christian.

PD, modified from an image from NASA / WMAP Science Team
Take the Big Bang. Please. It is a Frankenstein's monster, with parts tacked on over the years because it is unscientific; this is not your grandfather's Big Bang. Inflation theory? Bubble universes? Proof announced before the evidence is analyzed? Oh, boy. To see what I'm going on about, I suggest that you click on and read "Another Big Bang Blunder".