Creationist Researchers Shows Human-Chimp DNA Similarity Much Smaller Than Believed

Evolutionary scientists used their presuppositions, studied some DNA, ignored the rest, and then said that the parts they did not understand were arrogantly declared "junk" left over from our alleged evolutionary past. Things became interesting when DNA was properly studied, and the "junk" DNA turned out to have vital functions.

Further research into "junk" DNA and human-chimp genome similarities show that the similarities are actually much smaller than we were told.

With sloppy science, preconceptions and so forth, evolutionists declared that the human genome was 98% similar to the chimp genome. Creationist researcher Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins has delved more deeply into the human-chimp genetics argument and found that the former "junk" gives further evidence against our alleged relationship to chimpanzees.
It was once thought that the areas between protein-coding genes located around the genome were vast purposeless wastelands of alleged “junk DNA.” However, we now know that these previously misunderstood regions are literally teeming with functional activity that is key to life. Not only are these areas functional, but they are also proving to be more organism-specific than other types of DNA and thus provide an important clue in understanding what makes the human DNA blueprint distinct from that of other creatures. I just published a new comprehensive study showing that these areas of the human genome are vastly different compared to the chimpanzee genome, further confounding the tired evolutionary dogma that we evolved from a chimp-like ancestor.
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