What Evolutionists Call Science

Creationists are doing it wrong. The big money is in making up wild stories about evolution, and not even having to give plausible models or explanations.

Creationists are in the wrong business. We want to promote critical thinking, show the folly of evolution, and promote the truth overall. Although the rewards are out of this world (literally), the big money is in evolution. Insist on your materialistic evolutionary prsuppositions, do some experiments, ignore obvious questions, feed the material to the gullible press, and you're doing well.

Experiments in how flight evolved, how patterns on creatures came to be, the symmetry of physical forms, figure out where butterflies belong on the evolutionary tree — great stuff, and you don't even need to give a plausible model or explanation for how the alleged evolution happened, let alone why. Take a look at "Darwinism is a Constant; Just-So Stories Are Variables".