Lots of Bangs, No Order

Secular astronomers, cosmologists and cosmologists have a fondness for collisions, explosions and so forth. The Big Bang, the alleged ultimate explosion, supposedly gave rise to the incredible complexity in the solar system all the way down to the tiniest parts of cells.
Has anyone ever seen order come from an explosion? These scientists are speculating that impacts on primordial Earth and things that go bump in space made other things happen. (Since they like things that go boom so much, perhaps they would be useful in designing video games.) Creationists do not need to resort to such flights of fancy. For a glimpse of some of their guesswork passing as "science", click on "Impacts: Creators or Destroyers?"  

Edit 9-18-2014: Some people are complaining that the Big Bang wasn't an explosion, it was a very rapid expansion of space-time, which continues today — but not all science departments are in agreement on that faith-based assertion. Okay, let's rewrite that "meme": Do I want someone working on my car that believes that the ultimate source of the universe is something that people made up, then kept tweaking and redefining over about fifty years, which has no evidential support, and has scientific evidence refuting it? That's the Big Bang.