Little Things Frustrating Evolution

The process should be simple: Do some gene sequence stuff on some "simple" organisms and plug them into the evolutionary tree. But yet again, organisms do not cooperate with evolutionary scientists. Not only are they more complicated than originally thought, they are recalcitrant as well. It makes much more sense to admit that there is a Creator than to force-fit something into an imagined evolutionary pigeonhole.
A newly discovered genome for the unicellular chromosome-morphing ciliate Stylonychia lemnae has been published, and it’s breaking all the evolutionary rules. It exhibits a repertoire of unbelievable complexity and gene sequences that we’ve never seen in the schema of life.

Protozoa are an elaborate group of unicellular organisms that have a nucleus and are mobile. However, the extreme diversity and complexity within this group of one-celled critters which has been divulged by modern ultrastructural, biochemical, and genetic techniques, makes them an unruly and uncooperative bunch to neatly place on the evolutionary tree of life. Hence, the common term “protozoa” is no longer being used in official taxonomy circles.
You can read the rest of the baffling situation by clicking on "Ciliate Genome Reveals Mind-Bending Complexity".