Tyson Baffled at "Cosmos" Scrutiny

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is expressing surprise that the Cosmos series has been examined by Answers In Genesis (among others; Creation Ministries International reviewed a couple of episodes). AiG put a considerable amount of work in showing how he expressed his opinions as facts, gave incomplete information and did quite a bit of misrepresentation of Christian material. In fact, AiG wants people to watch the episodes, then use their material to learn the truth.
Neil deGrasse Tyson, host of TV’s Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey, says he wonders why anyone pays attention to what Ken Ham says about science or about his 13-part Cosmos series. Tyson, in an interview with Alternet, suggests biblical creationists like Ken Ham and the scientists at Answers in Genesis are a small and insignificant Christian fringe group that only bothered writing weekly critiques of the Cosmos series to take advantage of media attention garnered through the Bill Nye-Ken Ham debate in February:
You have to ask yourself, what are the numbers behind the people making these claims? Someone like Ken Ham has beliefs that are even crazy to many Christians.

Everyone knew Bill Nye, but almost no one had heard of Ken Ham. But after the debate [Ham] realized he had some media attention. You have to wonder—if that debate never happened if he would have even bothered covering the show at all?
Cosmos executive producer Seth MacFarlane said his new series would combat the “resurgence of creationism” attributable to “scientific illiteracy.” Recognizing this reboot of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos of the 1980s would be viewed by many and used in schools, Answers in Genesis committed to provide a timely analysis critiquing each episode. An important aim of these articles and accompanying discussion guides has been to reinforce the observational science taught in the episodes while contrasting it with the plethora of unverifiable evolutionary speculation presented as fact.
You can enrage Tyson's fanbois by reading the rest of the article. Click on "Cosmos’ Tyson Says Creationists’ Beliefs Are Crazy".