Evolutionists, DNA is NOT Your Friend!

Uncle Pilty wants me to remind you that we use unregistered assault keyboards in the creation resistance army against the establishment of evolutionary dogma. Let's go...

Evolution is called a theory (and many of its adherents refer to it as an incontrovertible fact), but it has very little resemblance to what Darwin popularized long ago. Today's Darwinism relies to a great extent on DNA and the amazing idea that we can have genetic mistakes causing us to evolve upward. Evolutionists will say that DNA is proof of evolution, and that they have made accurate predictions. Oh, really?

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Darwinists will claim that there are predictions based on DNA that are fulfilled in evolutionary theory. That is not quite right. They use logical fallacies like circular reasoning, affirming the consequent, insufficient evidence (including ignoring other possible explanations for what has been observed), and so on. The truth of the matter is, DNA is a friend of creation science!
For over 150 years, Darwin’s hypothesis that all species share a common ancestor has dominated the creation-evolution debate. Surprisingly, when Darwin wrote his seminal work, he had no direct evidence for these genealogical relationships—he knew nothing about DNA sequences. In fact, before the discovery of the structure and function of DNA, obtaining direct scientific evidence for common ancestry was impossible. Now, with online databases full of DNA-sequence information from thousands of species, the direct testing of Darwin’s hypothesis has finally commenced. What follows is a critical reevaluation of the four major lines of genetic evidence that secular scientists use to support evolutionary common ancestry.
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