Dinosaurs Keep Getting Bigger

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Remember when the Brontosaurus was considered an actual dinosaur and not an amazingly bad mistake by paleontologists? Too bad it never existed, the name meant "thunder lizard". Imagine, he would not be sneaking up on anybody. "Oh, here comes Bronto, pretend to be startled when he says, 'Boo'!" The more digging they do, the more they dig up larger dinosaurs.

Excavation took four field seasons from 2004-2009, and is the latest contender for the world's largest dinosaur — and may be a juvenile. Surprisingly complete for something that size, but it also gives some testimony to rapid burial (such as in the Great Biblical Flood). It also has no signs of being a transitional form, where it is evolving into something else. But that is not a surprise for creationists. 
Scientists described a new and remarkable fossil skeleton of a giant titanosaur, a group that includes the largest creatures ever to have lived on land. Dinosaur enthusiasts of all backgrounds want to know how big it was and what it may have looked like. Because this specimen is nearly 45 percent complete, it gives more details than any other fossil of its kind, as well as some details that confirm the biblical creation model.

This specimen was so large that probably nothing could stand in its way or even threaten it. For this reason, the researchers publishing in the journal Scientific Reports named it Dreadnoughtus schrani, after the Old English word "dreadnaught" which means "fear nothing."
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