Mormonism and Biblical Creation

Various religious groups that identify themselves as Christian do not have a high view of Scripture, reinterpret for their own purposes and even reject it altogether. Most cults reject biblical creation, and I had sounded an alarm that a Sacred Name cult on Facebook was hiding under the guise of a creationist Page! Indeed, theistic evolution requires disdain for the written Word of God, taking the Pelagian heresy beyond what Pelagius would have envisioned. Often, evolutionists act like cultists in their pursuit of eradicating God. Cults twist the Scriptures (if they give them credence at all), and "liberal Christianity" is heading down the same road as these cults. Some are ambiguous about their belief in evolution.

Pixabay / Mormon Temple / SteeveMeyner
Mormonism gives mixed signals that confuse adherents. Their entire philosophy is ultimately materialistic, and their concept of becoming gods themselves is a form of evolutionary thinking. On one hand, they are on record for opposing goop-to-gods evolution, but more recent writings and teachings are promoting it.
The knock at the door was followed by a familiar sight as two smiling, formally dressed young men with name badges said “Hello”. Their identification as Elder such-and-such confirmed my notion that they were Mormons.

Wanting to ‘cut to the chase’ as soon as possible, after a brief introduction I said (something similar to), “Gentlemen, you have come to my door to convince me of what you believe. I’ll just be honest. I am a born–again Christian and I am going to try and convince you of what I believe. Would you mind if I asked you some questions?” They indicated they were fine with questions.
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