Having a Blast With the Cambrian Explosion

The "Cambrian Explosion" has always been a problem for evolutionists and a pleasure for biblical creationists. Now the problem has become worse for secularists.

According to evolutionary paleontologists, the "Cambrian Explosion" is the sudden appearance of most major phyla in Cambrian layers with no transitional forms. This has been a very serious problem ever since Darwin's time, since it falsifies evolution. The Evo Sith have attempted to make excuses, but they are weak and contrived. Further evidence from their own sources has only made the Cambrian Explosion even larger. To add to their consternation, the discovery actually supports the Genesis Flood models of biblical creationists.
At the first appearance of complex animals, vertebrate fish were already there, a new analysis confirms. 
Simon Conway Morris, an evolutionist and world authority on Cambrian animals, appeared in the beginning of Illustra’s film Darwin’s Dilemma to confirm the suddenness of the “Cambrian Explosion.” In that short period (about 5–10 million years in the evolutionary time scheme), some 20 new and diverse body plans (phyla) appeared fully formed in the earliest strata bearing complex animal fossils: worms, sponges, arthropods, crustaceans, comb jellies and more. Now, he and a co-author have published an astonishing new find from the recently-announced fossil treasure trove in Canada near the famous Burgess Shale, Marble Canyon: 100 specimens of a vertebrate fish named Metaspriggina.
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