Evolution and Dumbing Down

The feeling that everyone else on the road is not smart enough to drive is most likely a product of your imagination. And admit it, you've had times where you've done less than spectacular things when tired, distracted or whatever.

There are studies indicating that IQ is indeed dropping (as we've seen before). While taking care of ourselves physically and mentally can help us to some degree, there is no way of staving off the overall genetic decline. This is another indication of the truth of the Bible, that everything is going downhill.
Are we dumber than our grandparents?

Social psychologists are tracking IQ scores and noticed a decline in the last decade after a steady rise since the 1950s. Some wonder if the recent downturn reflects genes that have been eroding all along. Are we evolving stupidity?

The concept of eroding genes—steadily but slowly marred by new slightly harmful mutations that occur every generation—has its proponents and detractors. New Scientist consultant Bob Holmes wrote, “The most controversial explanation is that rising IQ scores have been hiding a decline in our genetic potential.”

Holmes reviewed IQ score trends from Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Denmark, the UK, and Sweden. They show similarly rapid rises in postwar test results that peaked in the 1990s, and have steady declined since then.
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