Is Orbital Tuning Useful for Calibrating Ice Core and Deep Sea Sediment Dating Methods?

One method to check on age of the earth results in ice cores and deep sea sediments is "orbital tuning". This is based on huge numbers of assumptions and circular reasoning.

Scientists generally want accurate results. Unfortunately, secular scientists are using fundamentally flawed presuppositions as their starting points. These include an ancient earth, evolution, uniformitarianism and so on. Ice cores and sediments in deep seafloors are touted as excellent examples for an old earth, but these calibrations are loaded with assumptions, and cross-referenced with other assumption-laden methods. One of the most amazing examples of bad reasoning is the use of "orbital tuning" to support the other methods. Creation science Noachian Flood models explain observed data far better than relying on secularist fudge factors.
An apparently strong argument for an old earth is the seeming agreement between multiple (and supposedly independent) dating methods which yield “millions of years.” Uniformitarian scientists claim that chemical clues within the seafloor sediments tell a “story” of climate change over millions of years and that this “story” agrees well with expectations of the astronomical (or Milankovitch) theory of Pleistocene ice ages. Yet secular scientists routinely use the astronomical theory to date the seafloor sediments in a technique called “orbital tuning.” Of course, this argument is circular, since the astronomical theory of ice ages is simply assumed to be correct and is used as a framework for interpreting chemical clues within the seafloor sediments. Secular scientists have recognized the circularity in this argument and have attempted to guard against it by using “independent” checks on the orbital tuning method. However, these checks are not truly independent, as they all assume the old-earth, evolutionary paradigm. Moreover, the different dating systems are calibrated to one another: dates assigned to the seafloor sediments are used to date the ice cores, and vice versa. In fact, the dating of the ice and seafloor sediment cores is a gigantic exercise in circular reasoning.
You can read the rest by clicking on "Circular Reasoning in the Dating of Deep Seafloor Sediments and Ice Cores: The Orbital Tuning Method". There is also a caution for creationist researcher.