Another Icon of Evolution Rejected

Proponents of bacteria-to-bacteriologist evolution act like they have a corral full of evidence for evolution, and will trot one out, saying, "Aha! Gotcha, creationists!" When viewed rationally, we see that they are not giving us actual examples of evolution at all. Instead, the tampered evidence and speculations are unscientific at best. Also, they keep acting like evolution is the only explanation for observed changes. Not hardly!

Lenski's bacteria experiment has been hailed as a "beautiful example of evolution". When the facts are considered, the experiment refutes evolution.
Colorized electron micrograph of Escherichia coli bacteria O157:H7 / Image: (usage does not imply endorsement)
Escherichia coli bacteria have many strains, and exist in your digestive tract. When people are concerned about E. coli infections, it is because of the few that actually cause disease, and not the beneficial ones already in place. Most infections come from eating undercooked beef, but there are other places to contract an infection, see here for more information.

"But Cowboy Bob, what does this have to do with evolution?"

I was prepping my unregistered assault keyboard to answer that very question. Thanks for asking.

Richard Lenski began an experiment on E. coli bacteria to see if mutations happened. In a controlled laboratory environment, his team was able to induce a change, which was hailed as an example of evolution. However, the bacteria did not change into something else, and the "evolution" was downward, with a loss of regulation. Nothing important for evolution here, even through their tampering.
On February 24, 1988, evolutionary biologist Richard Lenski began an ingenious ongoing experiment to test and demonstrate evolution. He and his coworkers have nursed thousands of generations of the common gut bacterium Escherichia coli, feeding them broth with limited nutrients. The team watched for decades to see if the germs might evolve a solution to this low-nutrient challenge. After about 31,500 generations, some finally cracked the code and changed. Evolution promoter Richard Dawkins wrote that this was “a beautiful example of evolution in action,” and that “creationists hate it.”

The Harvard Gazette recently wrote, “Though the bacteria were originally genetically identical, they have evolved.” How could anybody doubt statements like this in light of what happened? But two genetic details topple this “beautiful example of evolution.”

To finish reading, click on "Evolution's Top Example Topples". Also, where is a citation from a creationist that "hates" this example, or was that just an unsubstantiated opinion? Edit: Refutation of Lenski's material from 2008 at "Bacteria ‘evolving in the lab’? ‘A poke in the eye for anti-evolutionists’?" Yippie ky yay, evolutionists!