Delroy Darwin, Secret Evolutionist

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

An old television memory came back, and I decided to run with it. In 1970, there was a strange Saturday morning kids' show called Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp. I think I watched it while waiting for something else that came on afterward (we didn't have many channels, and Saturday morning was our time for the kid shows). This had chimpanzees dressed up and actors doing voices for this silly spy program.

As creationists have pointed out many times, evolution has been in everyone's faces and presented as fact at every turn. The name of the band that Lance performed in was the "Evolution Revolution", and the boss of the agents was Commander Darwin. (No, I do not think that this show was intended to be evolutionary propaganda. Rather, the writers and such were using what was considered "science" and having fun at the same time.) Oh, and the female sidekick was Mata Hairi, the name playing on the famous spy Mata Hari
Devotees of Darwin will often play a spy game in the fight for truth, justice and the evolutionary way. Their anti-creationist mission is often carried out through bullying, intimidation, pasting links, and generally being obstreperous.

It seems that some evolutionists are on a secret mission to rid the world of biblical creationists. Whether covert or overt, we're onto their schemes.
Image credit: / Public Domain
They use numerous fake names (often blatantly false), or just use their existing identities. In addition to bullying, they seek to silence creationists through contradiction, ridicule, defamation, poor research, and outright lying.

Speaking of lying, their "morality" allows this. But many also confuse "disagreement" with dishonesty, and call creationists "liars" because we believe the Bible, and interpret the actual scientific evidence differently. (I reckon they do this on purpose just to provoke emotional reactions.) In reality, science thrives when hypotheses and theories are challenged. They fail to realize that when calling someone a liar without evidence makes the accuser into the liar.

One of their favorite tricks is to promote the nonexistent "war" between "science" and "religion", even though there are many creationist scientists, and many of the founders of modern science were biblical creationists. Sometimes they spread the falsehood that "creationists can't be scientists", which is based on poor thinking along the lines of, "Science is atheistic and materialistic by nature" — which is an arbitrary assertion based on a faulty philosophy of science. Ironically, creationists often have to correct Darwinistas on their own faulty arguments, as many do not understand what they are trying to uphold! All they "know" is that we are "wrong". Trying to get them to examine evidence against evolution and in favor of creation is like trying to ride herd on feral cats.

A sneaky tactic that obstreperous evolutionists like to use is misrepresenting creationists. Frequently, these jaspers will set up straw men (setting up a position that we don't hold so they can tear it down). One manipulative tactic is to say that we don't believe in free speech, which is not only a straw man, but has elements of bifurcation ("either/or"), and an attempt to manipulate by appealing to emotion. One answer for this charge is, "Sure, we believe in free speech. Get your own blog, keep writing on forums, spam people with e-mail even though they don't want to hear from you. But just because we don't want to publish your comments does not mean we oppose free speech itself. Such lousy thinking is a reason we did not publish your manipulative material".

Another trait of the owlhoot evolutionist on a mission is to find a sentence or phrase, take it out of context, then misrepresent it up one side and down the other; it's the intellectual equivalent of typo pouncing. (They also like to do this if a sentence is poorly written, or they simply disunderstand it.) This straw man stuff is often used to over-generalize to indicate that the person criticized has nothing to say — and sometimes extended as a criticism of all Christians or all creationists.

Related to that is the change to "prove it" for practically anything we say. It's a real conversation stopper. And yet, I've had articles with a dozen or two supporting links, and those get ignored — and I'm still "wrong", or even a "liar". This happens with many creationists where the main point of an article is missed for the sake of attacking the person.

They like to put us on the defensive. When a question is answered or a flaw in their reasoning is pointed out, they like to change the subject and attack. They get mighty riled when we want them to support their assertions, which often cannot be done because the assertions are arbitrary.

So, we keep on presenting the truth despite the efforts of Delroy Darwin, Secret Evolutionist, as well as the more overt members of the Darwinista Party. Their lack of integrity and scientific acumen do not deceive anybody. Besides, we're trying to reach people who want to honestly consider the evidence. The ones who defend their faith in evolution at all costs? Not exactly a priority, but we hope that some will get a spark of intellectual honesty.