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Saturday, October 10, 2015

No Evolution In These Fossils Either

Two fossils of subjects that are virtually unchanged over alleged millions of years. Evolutionists have many stories, but nothing substantial.

Adherents of spores-to-salamander evolution are quick to point to fossils and claim that they are evidence for evolution. (Of course, no undisputed transitional forms are found, but why spoil a good story to tell around the campfire on the lonely trail?) A salamander in amber and the "world's first flower" have some evolutionary scientists whooping it up and scaring the horses — but they're excited over nothing. Sure, they're coming up with plenty of stories to tell, but not so much in the way of supporting evidence. Conjecture is not actual science, old son.

I paid for my evolution, where's my change? Ain't happening, there's no change because there's no evolution. The evidence points to creation, after all.

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