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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Mourning Dove and the Ghost Army

Nothing supernatural here, but the Ghost Army of World War 2 and the "ghosts" of hauntings have one thing in common: both are fake. Well, the Ghost Army was kind of real, in that it was a group of soldiers setting up a massive deception on a German Panzer division.

Mourning Dove / lovetheson / FreeImages
Have you heard the expression, "The best defense is a good offense"? If you study on it a bit, you'll see that a related ploy is also effective, to get your superior opponent to fear you. Amazingly, the pigeon-related mourning dove and the Ghost Army have something in common, but the bird was given its technique by our Creator — a technique that bacteria-to-bird evolution could not possibly explain.
Sometimes the best defense is an offense, even when the “offense” is really a bold bluff. This tactic is valued in wartime, and when God uses this principle He deserves our appreciation.

America’s top-secret World War II “Ghost Army” used cleverness and technology to fool German forces by masking military vulnerabilities. Yet the main fakery they used wasn’t mere camouflage—the daring deception involved threat-reversal mimicry.
To read the rest of this fascinating history lesson and see how it applies to the mourning dove, click on "The Ghost Army".

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