Solar System Still Recalcitrant on Deep-Time

Reading science news about space exploration, we keep seeing how scientists are amazed, baffled, puzzled, and so on about what has been discovered. There's a great deal of amazement about Pluto as well. The solar system does not appear as old as it "should". If they'd study on it a mite and drop their fundamentally flawed cosmic evolution paradigm, they'd realize that the solar system was created, and that it is much younger than they want to admit. I reckon the items below add insult to the injury from the failure of the latest nebular hypothesis model.

Additional research frustrates "deep time" hypotheses on the origin and age of the solar system.
Source: Openclipart
The moon shows signs of volcanic activity, cracks forming from Earth's gravitational pull, zircon analysis causes doubt on methods used to calculate the age of the moon, and more. Mysterious streaks and spots on Ceres. Cratering on Saturn's moons is not up to expectations. Rethinking data on exoplanets. And more.

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