E-Book Review — Mysteries of Time and Creation

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This mini e-book on creation for kids is also good reading for adults. Also, it is free in most places.

Cheri Fields is a "2nd generation homeschooling mom of six, minister’s wife, writer, and science lover". She has not only harnessed the power of the Web, but saddled it up and blazed some trails. Her desire is to present biblical creation science to children, so in March 2012, she began her ministry of "Creation Science 4 Kids". (There's a link in the lower left on this site as well.) I'll let you click around there for a spell and see what all she offers with articles, podcasts, and so forth. But my focus right now is on her mini e-book.

Mysteries of Time and Creation: A Short Intro to Young Earth Creation is a free e-book 'xceptin' at Amazon, who charges $.099 USD. (By the way, I stopped posting reviews on Amazon because that company does nothing about trolls who make the review system almost worthless when it comes to creationist and Christian material, so I do reviews on my sites.) Anyway, you can get the free download or read it online, and I'll link to that part later.

The first section is, "Millions of Years Ago…Really?" We're bombarded with the confident assertions that Earth is millions of years old. Cheri contrasts this with what the only eyewitness alive today (God) says in the Bible, and what the word "day" means.

"Adam and Eve" follows with biblical reasons that they were real people and the consequences of sin.

"What happened to the rest of creation when Adam sinned?" expands on the previous section, and about the coming restoration.

After that is "Why do books, shows, and museums talk about millions of years if God is telling the truth?" This section describes ideas that man has come up with to rebel against the Creator and God's Word, including naturalism and uniformitarianism. Secularists present their ideas as scientific fact, but they have no real evidence to support them.

This flows into three more sections, "Radiometric dating", "Carbon Dating", "Starlight", and "Other Ways to Find Millions of Years". These are used to prop up the evolutionary "deep time" views, but are not only fraught with problems (including circular reasoning), but incomplete ideas. Cheri shows some of the problems with evolutionary "evidence" and how evolutionists necessarily reach fundamentally flawed conclusions.

"Signs the Earth isn’t that old" lists some of the many evidences for a recently created Earth that evolutionists conveniently ignore. She lists six of the many available indicators. By the way, it's interesting that proponents of atoms-to-author evolution will ignore so much evidence that creationists present and ignore the flaws in their own system, then point to dubious "scientific" evidence as if it refutes all of the other material that they did not bother to examine. But I digress. I do that.

If Cheri gets a notion to make an expanded second addition, I suggest two things that give "deep time" advocates conniption fits: soft tissues in dinosaur bones, and how the solar system itself does not act "old". For that matter, these two items alone might warrant a separate volume if she had time.

From here, we move away from how old things are, and on to how living things got here in "Life on Earth". Spontaneous generation is discussed as well as the newer version, abiogenesis, and that there is no scientific evidence that such a thing could happen. (Even many evolutionists admit that abiogenesis is impossible.) Evolution, natural selection, adaptation, mutation are all addressed. She has a strong area about DNA, which is tricky for kids, but she does not get too deep in the subject.

There are supporting links for many of the points raised, as well as links to her own site. I have no idea if she's into presuppositional apologetics, but Cheri uses a principle that I firmly believe in: don't divorce the Bible from the evidence. We can present a passel of scientific evidence, but people will filter them through their presuppositions and worldviews (we all do this). It's not about evidence and intellect, but rather, a spiritual problem. (Antony Flew was an atheist and decided that God exists because of the evidence. Unfortunately, he apparently died a Deist.) Naturalistic philosophies cannot accept, address or understand spiritual matters. Presenting the biblical message completes the message.

Although Mysteries of Time and Creation is written for kids, is a short e-book (hence the term "mini"), with short sections, Cheri Fields does not "talk down" to readers. I reckon that doing so gets insulting, even to young readers. Instead, it's written without too many cumbersome, expensive words. (Long ago, I discovered a good way to learn about a new topic is to start with children's books), Adults who want to know about the basics of biblical creation science and get a launching point so they can do further research. This book is excellent for the young and not so young. There are also links to other creation resources specifically for the young 'uns.

You can download it from several sources, but the Smashwords gives you the top three formats plus the option to read it online. Also, clicking on the "more" button gives three additional formats. You want to read it, you have several ways to do so. It's worth your time, and won't take up too much of it.
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