Evolutionists Try to Get Chimp and Human Hands All Fingered Out

When the facts get in the way of a good story, evolutionists commence to reinterpreting some facts, ignoring other facts, and changing the story. That seems to be an increasingly common procedure with them nowadays. When it comes to real science, a theory should be discarded when it's at odds with the facts. Not in the case of Darwinism, it seems.

Since the facts do not fit the story, evolutionists are changing things around to say that human hands are more primitive than those of chimps.
"Monkey Family 3" (cropped) by Flavio Takemoto / FreeImages
When the hands of apes and humans are compared, it is easily seen that human hands are designed by our Creator for our needs, and the hands of apes are designed for their own needs. Some paleoanthropologists are monkeying around with the idea that our hands are more primitive than those of apes. Of course, presuppositions and conjectures make up the bulk of this "science".
Thumbing through the pages of most manuals on human evolutionary history, a reader would soon latch onto the idea that our precision grip was a relatively recent addition to the human repertoire. Evolutionary researcher Sergio Alm├ęcija and colleagues have knocked the pins from under that bit of conventional evolutionary thinking. They are challenging the view that humans diverged from chimp-like ancestors with hands adapted to swing from tree limbs. They believe the human hand’s precision grip is not advanced but instead represents the primitive condition much like that of the last common ancestor shared with apes.
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