Hey, Darwin! We Told You So!

Evolutionists are changing many views and getting closer to what biblical creationists have been saying all along.

Don't tell the hands at the Darwin Ranch or they'll be a mite upset, but evolutionists themselves are evolving. That part is not bothersome, but the fact that they're evolving toward what creationists have been telling them all along can be a problem.

If they weren't married up with methodological and philosophical naturalism, they would be more inclined to drop their science-hindering presuppositions and abandon evolution in favor of honest work. Evolutionists have gradually, over long periods of time, and with great resistance, begun to move in closer to creationist positions in several key areas. Biblical creationists have had the right starting point all along.
Below are 10 instances where the biblical creation based explanation of the observations were so much more reasonable than the previous evolutionary ones that evolutionists have actually adopted the creationist explanation to a great degree (even though they still hold to evolution). These are all excellent examples of why it is better to trust historical science performed under a biblical worldview (an accurate historical record), than science based on a secular materialistic worldview (an invented history).
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