Punishing Deniers of Global Climate Change

Global cooling became global warming became global climate change. Since the science does not support this pseudoscience, there is an effort to establish science through rule of law.

A few decades ago, the big scare from climate experts was of a coming ice age. Then they changed their tune to the heavily politicized and alarmist "global warming". Although there is a form of global warming, it is not anthropogenic, and it is insignificant for over fifteen years. But to keep the pseudoscience and grand money rolling in, the variations on the theme have moved to "global climate change".

Since scientific evidence has failed the long-age, evolution-based viewpoint on climate change, the sidewinders promoting it have used emotional appeals, such as labeling those of us who disagree with the hysterics as "science deniers". (Some are so radical, they want to save the planet by exterminating huge numbers of humans!) The most outrageous label was to compare climate change deniers with Nazis. These ad hominem attacks in their propaganda are signs of desperation.

A few years ago, Heidi Cullen of "The Weather Channel" wanted meteorologists who deny global warming to lose their certifications. Now there's an effort to take organizations that deny global climate change to court! Right, if you can't convince people through legitimate science, take them to court and settle the science that way. Makes perfect sense. We've already seen that creation science has been suppressed through legislation in Britain, and many instance of religious and academic freedom in the United States have been attacked. Will this lead to creationist being jailed because evolutionists are unable to deal with evidence supporting creation and refuting evolution? Maybe, since there is now an effort to prosecute climate change skeptics. Fortunately, there are still some people who think for themselves, and go against consensus.
Bible-believing Christians have good reasons to expect a stable climate, since the greatest climate-changing event in history, the Genesis Flood, has already occurred. Furthermore, the Lord promised us that such a Flood would never again take place and the post-Flood climate would remain relatively stable (Genesis 9:11, 8:22). Likewise, a global Flood is the only truly convincing explanation for an Ice Age.

Those who reject biblical history believe that many ice ages have occurred in Earth's supposed distant past. They also believe that some of these ice ages produced dramatic, even catastrophic changes in climate, and so tend to exhibit a great deal of alarmism over the subject of "global warming" or "climate change."

This was recently demonstrated by the twenty academics who wrote a letter to President Obama, urging him to use the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) law—originally intended for use against organized crime—to investigate organizations that are skeptical of the purported dangers of "climate change." The first signature on the letter is that of Jagadish Shukla, a meteorologist at George Mason University and president of the Institute of Global Environment and Society (IGES). The letter was posted on the organization's website but has since apparently been taken down, presumably in response to withering criticism in the blogosphere. However, the text of the letter has been posted on other websites.
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