Interview with Dr. David Rosevear

Bob Enyart of Real Science Radio took a trip to the UK. On one of his stops, he interviewed Dr. David Rosevear of the Creation Science Movement (originally founded in 1932 as the "Evolution Protest Movement"). The CSM established a small museum called the "Genesis Expo" in Portsmouth. Some interesting things came out of the discussion, including how a lecture was stopped by anti-creationists, so Dr. Rosevear had to take over — sounds like the same kind of sidewinders we deal with today, don't you reckon?

There was some discussion about touring former communist countries who welcome creation science. It's interesting how those who have been indoctrinated by atheism and had their religious freedoms suppressed welcome creation science, and those of us further west are dealing with secularists who are progressively making us more like the former USSR.

You can download or listen online to this 36-minute podcast by clicking on "RSR in Portsmouth UK with Genesis Expo". Below is a screenshot of what you're looking for to listen (click for larger). Also, near the bottom of the page is a challenge that was issued to Clinton Richard Dawkins.

Dr. David Rosevear of the Creation Science Movement in Portsmouth, UK, was interviewed by Bob Enyart of Real Science Radio.