Evolution Requires Imagination, Not Facts

When engaging with sponge-to-sportscasters evolutionists, many will come up with "evidence" for evolution that may make someone wonder, "Really, you believe what you're saying?" Worse, much of what is paraded as evidence of evolution is nothing more than speculation and imagination presented as actual scientific research.

Evolution is incorrectly used to "explain" many things found in nature, utilizing jaw-droppingly bad science.

Evolution is a catch-all explanation that is full of bad reasoning and even self-contradiction. Non-evolution is touted as evidence for evolution, and the hypothesis is so flexible, it "explains" everything (which is actually nothing at all). Scientists see evolution in and under every rock and, instead of doing something actually beneficial, will seek the alleged evolutionary meanings of how and why something became the way it is. But they have nothing substantial to show for it. Then they laugh at us for believing the much more rational explanation, which is special creation by God.

To see what has me on the prod about this, click on "That Doesn’t Look Like Evolution" for several examples of jaw-droppingly bad "science".