Do Creationists Accept Speciation?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Simply stated, yes, creationists believe that speciation happens. It's the not-so-simple answer that gives people difficulties. Fungus-to-finch evolutionists often give credit to the puny god of evolution for every change, no matter how small. Some creationists disunderstand the idea of speciation and oppose it because they do not want to give Darwinists a foothold. When understood properly, it is not a threat to creation science, nor does it support Darwinism, but it does support biblical creation science!

Creationists do accept speciation, but not in the way that evolutionists present it. There are limits to change.
Colorized version of John Gould's Galapagos Finches, 1837
Scientists often disagree about the meaning of the word species and if critters are indeed separate species, but the generally accepted definition of speciation is when organisms diverge into genetically distinct lines. Evolutionists cannot agree on what causes speciation.

Creationists accept natural selection and speciation, and reject "fixity of species", where everything we see has been there from the beginning — obviously false. (Way back yonder over 30 years ago, I accepted fixity of species out of enthusiasm and ignorance.) In addition, fixity of species has been a source of confusion on several fronts, especially regarding definitions. (Early creationists did believe in fixity of species before the word was more sharply defined.) Species is a newer word than the biblical kind, which refers to a broader classification.

Small changes do not accumulate. Although a valid term, creationists are discouraged from using microevolution because it implies that a little evolution adds up to a lot of evolution. Not hardly, since the "change" is variation within genetic limits; the change is horizontal, with no added genetic information. 

This owlhoot didn't get the memo:

Kind of irritating to be told what I believe. Manipulative, too.

From a biblical creationist standpoint, speciation was programmed into creatures by God so that they could adapt to changes in environment and so forth. This was especially (especiesally?) important after the Genesis Flood.

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