Pre-Neanderthal Hominin Footprints Fake Science News

As indicated here numerous times, when it comes to origins science, secularists prioritize the narrative above logic and evidence. As we recently saw, Darwinoids have no problem with rearranging 35 million years in conventional dating for their purposes.

Now we have human footprints that do not fit evolutionary schemes, so the age is conveniently redated. In addition, they use dubious reasoning and even the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™. Unfortunately, people who are committed to their faith in evolution will accept such nonsense because it appears to support their views.

Once again, evolutionists are emphasizing their narrative above science and reason. Human footprints were redated and silly speculations prevailed.
What in the world is a "pre-Neanderthal," anyway? There was also reference to the failed Heidelberg Man story. The well-preserved footprints were given a drastic increase in their assigned age, and all this stuff raises a number of questions that evolution's true believers are loathe to ask.

It is clearly evident that human nature involves investigation, creativity, and making life better. Indeed, when people were locked down due to the Rona "pandemic", many businesses went under. Others adapted and made modifications; creation science ministries implemented and expanded their work through the internet.

We're expected to believe that ancient humans did nothing for all that time, which is contrary to the way we are (see "We've Evolved — Now What?" for more.) The secularists involved here are being consistent with their low standard of morality. There are many reasons to reject the redating, especially since the biblical timeline and recent creation are consistently more plausible.
‘Ladies and gentlemen, these human footprints are 106,000 years old.’ The announcer turns to listen to a man whispering in his ear. He tells him that they just learned that the footprints are 200,000 years older than thought. Without breaking cadence, the announcer resumes his speech to the crowds at the Darwin circus wagon, saying, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, these hominid footprints are 295,000 years old!’ P.T. Barnum could hardly pull off a better prank.

The rest is found at "Footprints in the Scams of Time." You'll thank me later.