When an Ancient Human Loves Another Ancient Human Very Much...

"To answer your question, I like walking on the beach, making jewelry, painting on cave walls — "

"So, it looks like you can't bring your paintings over to my place, then."

"Nope. Wanna come over and see my cave?"

As discussed here several times,  it has been conclusively established that Neanderthals were fully human. Perhaps we are hardwired to want to reproduce and spread around our DNA. After all, God did command at the beginning to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28). Do not be surprised if you get a DNA test and find Neanderthals in your ancestry.

Family, Unsplash / Josue Michel, modified with FotoSketcher
Some secularists are resistant to the fact that Neanderthals were simply another people group, but they appear to have disappeared. They, too, were descendants of Adam and Eve with distinct physical variations well within human limits. After the Flood, they were part of the dispersion at Babel. Some Darwinists want to deny reality and keep Neanderthals as examples of evolution. Other evolutionists essentially tell them to get with the program. Unfortunately, they will not get with the truth of creation.
Over a century ago, evolutionists taught that Neanderthals were sub-human brutes.

But in the intervening decades, as more research and discoveries have been made, Neanderthals are believed to be fully human, able to interbreed with Homo sapiens. DNA analysis confirms this.

A recent news article stated,

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