Attempting to Resist Rabbits

Many people like to have cute fluffy bunny rabbits as pets. Long before that, it appears that they were raised for food. It is possible that there was a bit of overlap when someone took kindly to a rabbit and made it into a pet. Cowboy wisdom says never to name an animal you're going to eat. In some places, rabbits and hares are pests.

Rabbits can be pets and also have been used as food. In some places, they are vermin because they multiply so efficiently.
Credit: Good Free Photos
Rabbits are especially troublesome in Australia. They were introduced there, and as Bugs Bunny observed, rabbits know how to multiply. This helps support the post-Flood distribution as postulated by biblical creationists. Since they were so much trouble, the myoxma virus was used to thin the herds. Evolutionists claimed that resistance was evidence for evolution, but that is not the case.
While some cuddle bunnies, others curse them.
For example, in the Australian state of Queensland, such is the fear of rabbit overpopulation and resultant ravaging of pastures—and the potential hazard of warrens (underground burrows) — that all rabbits are declared vermin.
Police there seized a pet Flemish rabbit for destruction; its lady owner faced a $44,000 fine and possible six-month jail term! But in the neighbouring state of New South Wales, where there is no such prohibition on pet rabbits, a Rabbit Sanctuary heard of the case, and she was permitted to take the rabbit across the border to safety.
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