Our Engineered Immune System

You may remember from school days that the heart pumps blood, it circulates through our systems, gets oxygen, and the cycle continues. That is the simplest example, but there is far more involved. As science and technology develop, medical science is learning more about how our immune system operates.

Our immune systems are designed to fight infections and pathogens. This includes the coronavirus and others.
Credit: Pixabay / Arek Socha
Although from a secular source, there is important information in "Five Reasons You Don't Need to Panic About the COVID-19 Coronavirus".

Both red and white blood cells have special functions to protect us from diseases and infections. We have a passel of microbes living in us and our system has to distinguish between the good ones and those that don't have our best interests at heart (so to speak). Throughout life, bodily systems learn and adapt, and even become more efficient at dealing with them. In fact, they learn. Interestingly, vaccinations help our immune system learn, and it can adapt to such intruders and those that are similar.

We have leukocytes that help clean us out, not only from intruders, but they help remove dead cells. They are programmed for specific interlopers, so there are quite a few of them that have their own assignments. Some cells are guides to point out the bad stuff: "Thanks. We'll take it from here." This is good to know with the current scare over the coronavirus.
Each day, we live at the mercy of pathogens and parasites, microbes about one-trillionth to one-thousandth of our size. We read about the flu causing havoc this winter in most parts of the USA and Europe. The flu epidemic is peaking earlier than normal and is spreading across the USA according to the CDC. Flu vaccination can help prevent flu and its potentially serious complications. In the summer, we read about malaria and Ebola outbreaks troubling tropical populations. The objectives of this article are (1) to explain the overcoming design principle of the immune system in effectively fighting pathogens and parasites in disease; and (2) to record the role of Christians and creation biologists in developing vaccines.
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Our immune system has antibodies that are made by plasma cells to help eliminate pathogens. This special police force actually recognizes certain molecules, antigens, of the pathogens. (I can't help but thinking of the high-tech crime dramas where the evildoers are being tracked by law enforcement.) The antibodies also help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and facilitate a helpful biome. Indeed, molecules-to-microbiologist evolution cannot even begin to explain the specified complexity and obvious engineering principles that our Creator provided. He provided salvation through his blood and resurrection, and also provides for us in our own blood.
The immune system serves more than just to “defend” against disease. The immune system was designed to interact with microbes and to cleanse the body of aging, dying, and dead red blood cells and bacteria even in the pre-fall world. The immune system in a pre-fall world worked to assist body development positively, and in the post-fall world, it also defends against pathogens. This is how most creation biologists view the immune system.
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